Monday, 15 May 2017

15 May 2017, Trewaters (White Acres)

After two days without any fishing (but quite an amount of Doom Bar) it was back in the saddle today for day one of the 2017 Guru festival at White Acres and once again we’d be pitting our wits against the likes of Paul Holland, Pemb Wrighting, Robbie Taylor, John Whincup, Andy Bennett and Adam Rooney!!!
The calm before the storm!
This time Bagger and myself have been drawn into ‘C’ section so our rotation is going to be Acorn/Jenny’s/Trewaters, Porth Reservoir, Bolingey, Pollawyn and finally Trelawney/Twin Oaks.
Trewaters 41 it is then!
My first dip into the bag of dreams for the week saw me land on Trewaters 41, a decidedly average peg on the bottom lake. My plan before the all-in was to fish with hard pellets on the deck all over the peg and to catch one or two fish from a given spot before re-plumbing a new spot and starting again – this approach seemed to be the way to go when I discovered that the peg was incredibly flat all the way from the bottom of the near shelf to 14.5m! As a back-up I also set-up a tip rod with a 24g mini hybrid feeder, two shallow rigs and a margin line.
All the gear ...
As it happened the plan failed and I only caught seven fish all day – five on the feeder in the first 90 minutes, one on the deck at about 15:00 and one from the margin at about 16:00! As planned I started on the deck with 6mm pellets but couldn’t buy a bite for love nor money! I hadn’t really intended to fish the tip but it was the only thing that worked – until it started raining at 13:30, after which the peg died!
The view from the car park!
In the end my fish could only pull the dial down to a measly 27-6-0 and I was once again subjected to a first day blow-out – a seventh in section (3 points), having been battered by the downwind pegs led by Phil Canning's 102-15-0 from peg 53.
Until next time ...

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