Sunday, 3 September 2017

03 September 2017, Lodge Lake (Viaduct Fishery)

Well it was an open match on the Lodge Lake and Viaduct today, and after two days of wall-to-wall sunshine it was a bit of a shock to get a right soaking from the changeable English summer! Unfortunately I once again paid the price of losing 4 of the 7 fish hooked on the pole (including a 15 pound fish hooked in the first two minutes), this time the legs of the platform being my nemesis! Managed to come fifth overall but really should've been able to break into the top three - I'm off now to work on my big fish playing technique!!!


Saturday, 2 September 2017

02 September 2017, Cary Lake (Viaduct Fishery)

Day two of the Chris Fox two-day at Viaduct today, my first match on the so-called 'scary' Cary! My inexperience certainly showed and I found it a real struggle in the hot, still conditions. Should've fed 5 or 6 times the amount of 8mm pellets and should've had some PVA as both seemed crucial!!!


Friday, 1 September 2017

01 September 2017, Campbell Lake (Viaduct Fishery)

Day one of the Chris Fox two-dayer at Viaduct, drew Campbell 128 which is the peg on the opposite side of the spit from the peg (129) that I was on last time on this lake. Somehow I managed to have an even worse day than last time and lost even more fish in the brambles - for every fish landed two snapped me on the razor sharp branches to my right! Managed to weigh a very poor 82-12-0 but should've had at least 150lb ...

Sunday, 27 August 2017

27 August 2017, Middle Lake (Gold Valley)

Day two of a bank holiday double back on the Middle Lake at Gold Valley again today, peg 89 being my home for the day. Given the sunny and still conditions it was no surprise to see lots of the older, bigger fish sunning themselves so I split my match between trying to dob munters and fishing for the new F1s and small carp. In the end I managed 4 older fish (two on the waggler and two on the long pole) and along with a few smaller fish I weighed a reasonable 41-4-0, one out of the money for the second day in a row as the mighty Giovanni Barbato took the double default section win with 41-12-0! To make matters worse only 44lb was needed to make the frame!!!
Middle Lake, peg 89

Saturday, 26 August 2017

26 August 2017, Middle Lake (Gold Valley)

Another go at the Gold Valley Saturday open again today and a nice draw in corner peg 61 on the Middle Lake. Despite the peg looking like an aquarium before the start it actually turned into a bit of a struggle and I could only manage 27-0-0, not a great weight but I'd thought I'd snuck a default section win - until Nick Howells slammed a double figure fish on the scales to beat me by 4lb! One out of the money again!
Middle Lake, peg 61 (again)

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

20 August 2017, Syndicate Lake (Gold Valley)

Back to Gold Valley once again today for the open match on Syndicate Lake - I was really hoping for a draw that started 11 or 12 so was a little underwhelmed to draw peg 106, an area with little form on the near bank next to the car park. Having said that the first half an hour was good with three carp for 21lb on the waggler - had I been able to maintain that catch rate I'd have won the match with 210lb, but as it happened I then went for 3 hours without a bite, only to be saved by a one eyed crucian with 90 minutes to go!
Syndicate Lake, peg 106
Even then that last part of the match was disappointing with just 3 skimmers from a 5m meat line gracing the net, so no sign of a carp in the final 4 and a half hours!!! This left me with 29-2-0 for last in section, though not last in the match as I somehow managed to beat two anglers on the far bank! Well done to Charlie Dalton on paralysing the match with 200lb+ and to the unlucky Lee Simmons on coming second from the jackpot peg 118!!!
Bigger side tray needed!

Sunday, 13 August 2017

13 August 2017, Middle Lake (Gold Valley)

Back to Gold Valley for the open match on Middle Lake again today, peg 75 to be precise. Things started well with a dobbed 10 pounder in the net after 7 minutes!!! Unfortunately this wasn't the sign of things to come and the dobbable fish that were present before the all-in soon disappeared. A switch to the new fish was equally disappointing - after 90 minutes I'd completely given-up on trying to catch them as I only had 8 in the net and was going nowhere fast! The remainder of the match was pretty tortuous too as I only managed three more fish (all on the pellet waggler) - an 8 pounder, a 4 pounder and a new fish - for a below par 30-4-0, though this was enough to beat Tom Arnot off the next peg and was actually fifth (out of twelve) on the causeway bank as it fished much, much harder than of late.
Middle Lake, peg 75
Until next time ...