Sunday, 8 April 2018

08 April 2018, Bat Lake (Gold Valley)

After a good little run of successful matches it was back down to Earth with a bump at Gold Valley today. Things started badly when I actually failed to draw a peg in the epicentre for once (my home for the day was Bat Lake peg 8, a swim on the middle of the canal bank with little or no recent form) and got worse when I realised that I’d left my flask of coffee on the kitchen table! The first hour of the match was in fact quite good as I managed an 8lb carp (more on this bad boy to come below) and some nice F1s for about 20lb.
I see no bats
Unfortunately, the action soon tailed-off and going into the final 90 minutes I hadn’t had a bite for an hour so it was time to go all out for another big carp or two – needless to say I didn’t get one. By the time the scales reached my peg I was soaking wet and ‘mildly disappointed’ with my own performance, then to cap things-off nicely I managed to drop my bonus carp back into the lake before he could be weighed, leaving me on 18 F1s for 26-3-0 and stone cold last in the match!!! (In all fairness putting that carp onto the scales wouldn’t have made any difference, I’d have still been last.) 
Didn't really need these today!
Well done to Giovanni Barbato on winning the match, just a few ounces ahead of Jason Morgan who was second

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