Wednesday, 28 September 2016

28 September 2016, Trewaters (White Acres)

White Acres Maver festival day three today and Trewaters 49 was to be my home for 5 hours of fun and excitement ...

Nice photo of  a tree
I started the match by fishing the secret deep margin rig at top kit plus 1 to the right in 3 feet of water – the float dipped under almost immediately, though after a spirited battle (lasting what seemed like a lifetime) something of a beast came off at the net!!! To say I was annoyed would be something of an understatement!!!
Looking towards the central island
A switch to the pellet feeder to the island only lasted 3 chucks so the next few hours saw me rotating between the deep margin and a 5m line, potting few 6mm pellets as I went. This was fairly productive and I caught steadily, often getting one when returning to a rested swim.
The corner to the left
Towards the end I fed the left margin (at TK + 1) with micros/riddled meat then maggots but could only generate a poor response (lost a small carp, landed odd skimmer) so I switched to fishing the deep margin rig at 11.5m into the corner – this got me a few more carp but I then lost a foul-hooker which seemed to upset things somewhat. I eventually went right under the bush in the corner at 13m with 15 minutes to go – I caught 3 carp doing this but I also lost 2 rigs in the gorse!!!
60lb on the nose for fourth in section and six points was the result – ohh and I beat Steve Sanders off the next peg so that was nice!

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