Tuesday, 27 September 2016

27 September 2016, Pollawyn (White Acres)

Today was day two of the 2016 Maver festival and after yesterday’s good start I was looking for another flyer in order to keep the momentum going. Being drawn into E section for this festival meant that I’d be staying onsite today as I’d be fishing Pollawyn – over recent seasons the fishing on this lake seems to have gotten trickier and trickier, making that dip into the bag of dreams even more vital ...
Another flyer!
The pegs to draw on Pollawyn normally include those on the infamous High Bank – these face onto the widest part of the lake and are typically home to the big old carp that have been swimming about in this lake since the initial stocking way back when. However my home for the day was to be peg 45 – this isn’t on the High Bank but is often considered to be something of a flyer as you can flick a swinger rig with 16m of pole and a 2m lash into the far-bank rushes, as demonstrated by Lee Edwards in the Preston Innovations Winning Pegs 6 DVD.
Looking left
So with the far-bank rushes being the obvious feature this formed the basis of my pre-match attack, the rig in question being mounted on a black Hydrolastic top kit and consisting of 0.17 Guru N-Gauge mainline, a 0.6g Drennan Inline Crystal Dibber and a 15cm hooklength of 0.13 into a size 16 Guru LWG hook with a hair-rigged pellet band. As a back-up I also set-up a rig for fishing for perch and other silverfish along the left-hand margin, as well as a rig for catching anything and everything at top kit plus two sections slightly to the right.
Looking right

Unfortunately the match itself didn’t really go to plan! I spent a great deal of the match (far too long in hindsight) flicking my rig towards the far-bank rushes, only hooking 6 carp and only managing to land 3. (I did however manage to hook the rushes many, many times and I did manage to get through loads and loads of hooklengths!) When I finally got around to trying my other lines I couldn’t buy a bite from the left-hand margin (even on single maggot) and the 5m line only produced a few perch and barbel (I have a sneaky feeling that there aren’t as many skimmers in this lake as there used to be).
In the end my 3 carp and associated bits and bobs went 19-0-0, only good enough for 4 points (sixth in section). This means that I’ve dropped from twenty-fourth to sixtieth and looking for a better result tomorrow on Jenny’s Lake or Trewaters!
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