Thursday, 22 September 2016

22 September 2016, Twin Oaks (White Acres)

Yet another White Acres Thursday rover match today and with a hundred plus on it a low (or really high) draw and good peg selection would be as essential as ever. My plan was to get on the low numbered Twin Oaks, as close to 16 as possible - thanks to an average draw (29, so not really low and not really high) and pleasure anglers taking the best pegs I could only go as high as peg 6, not the best peg in the world but not a bad choice as come three thirty the winner would come from peg 5!!!
Just needed to add 10
Ignoring the lessons learned from Monday I started on the feeder to the far bank and failed to catch anything until I switched to the waggler and somehow hooked a lone carp that took pity on me – as mentioned above the angler on peg 5 to my left would go on to win the match and he caught steadily on the feeder from beginning to end to secure victory with 78lb. Having discussed matters after the match the difference between our pegs was obvious – peg 5 had some nice tufts of grass lining the far margin whereas peg 6 just had bare banking. We concluded that the grass itself wasn’t holding the fish, but rather the grass was holding-up the bank giving a reasonable depth tight over whereas my bare bank had basically collapsed giving no depth (and no carp) whatsoever!
Looking left
A switch to the short pole lead to something best described by one word: ‘carnage’!!! The first five fish hooked all came off, presumably foul-hooked due to the wrong feeding pattern or poor presentation (or both). (Personally I find this terribly annoying, I’d much rather not hook anything than have to suffer that sinking feeling when you know you’re going to lose one.) I did though eventually manage to land an F1 and two double-figure carp, one of the carp being firmly hooked in the tail!!!
Looking right
Just as things got going a cormorant arrived and swam up and down right in front of me and the two pleasure anglers to my right packed-up, making loads of noise in the process – happy days! Having learned something from Monday I decided not to fish the normal margin today as it plumbed-up all wrong – instead I fished a secret 2.5' line 5-6' from the bank, catching two further lumps giving me a total of six fish for 45-0-0, 16th overall and only 10lb short of the frame, those lost fish (nearly 50%) really costing me a decent result as a 100% bite-to-fish ratio may have been enough – if only it was that easy!!!

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