Saturday, 6 January 2018

06 January 2018, Middle Lake (Gold Valley)

First outing of 2018 today and it wasn't a match - instead it was another WC Group Coaching day with Will Raison and Callum Dicks on the Middle Lake at Gold Valley, winter feeder and long pole tactics for F1s being the name of the game. As per the previous session, the day started with Will walking us through his own set-up combined with an in-depth discussion of his approach and the thinking behind both.
Nice day for it
We then broke-off and started fishing - as I wanted to cover both the pole and the feeder I chose peg 72, a decent peg in the middle of the lake that gave the opportunity to cover both approaches. Given the reduced daylight hours at this time of year the actual fishing time was limited to about 4 hours, though throughout this time both Callum and Will were on hand to provide advice and answer any query (no question was too big or too small). The day finished with a group wrap-up behind peg 100 with the key points from the day re-asserted. Once again a very enjoyable and productive day, one that I'd recommend to anyone!
Say 'cheese'!
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