Sunday, 24 July 2016

24 July 2016, Old Lake (Willinghurst)

An enjoyable and slightly frustrating day at Willinghurst again on Sunday. I drew peg 1 on Old Lake – something of a flyer but in all fairness you’d have to fancy any peg on this lake at the moment as on their day 1, 3, 5, 9, 11, 13, 22, 24 and 26 are all capable of a very big weight! On reaching the peg it was clear that the wind had blown a huge amount of scum into the corner and the whole peg was covered in that annoying cotton-like fluff that collects on your line and in your rod rings – however this can also be a good thing as the carp like to sit under it and feed on it.
Not ideal conditions for the waggler!!!
Going into the final two hours I had a decent 75-80lb in the net, mainly caught on the waggler – I started on a 3g float but soon had to step-up to an 8g version so I could cast through the fluff in the eyes of my rod without having to clear it out each and every time! (I probably had to re-tie this rod 5 or 6 times to clear the fluff that had built-up around the base of the float and in the rod rings.) Unfortunately the final two hours weren’t as productive as I’d have liked and I only put a further 35-40lb of margin caught carp in the net. This gave me a total of 113-12-0, not even one out of the money as Kris Fields took that accolade with 114-0-0!!! Saying that we were miles behind Jason Morgan (140 odd), Stevie Gardener (180 odd) and Marc Illingworth (190 odd) – roll-on Sunday, can’t wait for another go!!!
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